Health workers carry out mass screening using rapid antigen tests at a school in France. Credit: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty

Rapid coronavirus tests: a guide for the perplexed

Scientists still debate whether millions of cheap, fast diagnostic kits will help control the pandemic. Here’s why.

Sample-testing devices are prepared for shipment in South Korea.Credit: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty

Comparing rapid tests

A site dedicated to rapid asymptomatic COVID-19 testing in London.Credit: Richard Van Noorden/Nature

Rolling out rapid tests

A health worker takes a nasal swab for a rapid test from a passenger at a railway station in Mumbai, India.Credit: Punit Parajpe/AFP/Getty
A student from the University of Oxford, UK, takes a rapid antigen test provided by the university before flying home to the United States in December 2020.Credit: Laurel Chor/Getty



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Joaquim Cardoso @ BCG

Senior Advisor for Health Care Strategy to BCG — Boston Consulting Group