How Procurement Unlocks Value-Based Health Care — Part 2: Capitalizing on the Promise

Capitalizing on the Promise of VBP

  • Make VBP a strategic priority and set up a multidisciplinary VBP team to drive the change
  • Prioritize and focus, through VBP pilots that build up internal expertise
  • Develop organizational capabilities.
  • Prioritize where to play based on existing solution capabilities and value proofs
  • Create multidisciplinary teams to develop value propositions that align with the VBP framework
  • Enable the commercial teams
  • Rigorously execute, starting with prioritized tenders
  • Capitalize on the first-mover advantage
  • Identify the pain points in care that are in scope, and ask suppliers to provide insights and early-stage guidance on how the partnership can address those pain points, considering available solution packages and the status of related value proofs.
  • Clearly define all elements required for an effective VBP tender process-criteria, units of measurement, types of acceptable evidence, and so forth.
  • Ensure that senior leaders on both sides engage in and deliver excellent project management, including clarity on all timelines and milestones.

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Joaquim Cardoso @ BCG

Joaquim Cardoso @ BCG


Senior Advisor for Health Care Strategy to BCG — Boston Consulting Group